Friday, January 16, 2009

So what if I'm dorky?

After reading a blog post from my friend, Giselle, at the start of the new year, I have decided to follow in her footsteps. She keeps a list of all of the books she reads each year. I thought that was a genius idea! I read a lot and several of the books that I read have common themes and set-ups. This leads to me looking at books, and not remembering if I've read them or not! My sisters, mom and I share books between us, and we've started initialing inside the front cover of the books we read so that we know if it's passed to us already or not (because I'm obviously not the only one who can't remember things)! I just joined, which is a book lovers site and where I can update which books I've read and what I'm currently reading (which, right now, is Multiple Blessings and The Starter Wife). I've already got 4 books under my belt for 2009. If you look at the toolbar on the side of my blog, you can keep track of what I've completed throughout the year (including re-reads). Are you a big reader? Do you keep track of what you read? Does this make me a gigantic dork because I'm excited about this? On second thought, don't answer that last one!


Giselle said...

You go girl! I should do an on-line list...but there is just something satisfying about having a leather bound book to crack open and write down the book's name. I like Goodread's, though, because it is really easy to write a few lines on what it is you can remember to recommend to friends.

I've never read Charlaine Harris...what other authors is she like?

And why be ashamed of being a dork? Dorks are happy...we don't worry what the rest of the world thinks!

Shalyn Rosenbaum said...

Is The Starter Wife tv series based on that book you mentioned in your blog? I love that show...who's the author so I can read it.

Joanne said...

The Starter Wife is by Gigi Levangie Grazer. I am usually a really fast reader, but I'm finding this one hard to get into. I think the series is based on the book, but I've never seen it (only heard of it). The book isn't bad or anything, but I'm just not that interested. I'll still finish it, but probably won't seek out other things by this author. If you read it, I'd be interested to see if you like it. Maybe if I watched the show I'd have more interest. I'm just finding it kind of hard to care about the characters.

Joanne said...

Oh, Giselle. I only went to the Goodreads site because I saw it on your sister's blog (I followed the link from yours)!

Shalyn Rosenbaum said...

Where's the best bookstore in Abilene?

Karen said...

I never read The Starter Wife but I have another book by that author. You must not have read it though - it doesn't have your initials!