Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggidy dee!

It's so good to finally be home! We had a great time in Texas for Christmas/New Year's, but seeing our neighborhood last night made all of us sigh with relief. Our own beds. Our own schedule. Rest assured, we loved seeing our family and friends back home. It was a long over-due trip.

We intended to drive back to west Texas on Friday, December 19, after Megan got out of school. School ended up being cancelled that day due to bad weather, so we decided to wait it out, too. We ended up leaving on Saturday morning, and got to Rodney and Karen's very late. We stayed there until Christmas Day, when we left for my parent's house. Throw in a trip to see Karen & Chris' new house, and we were exhausted when we left for home on New Year's Day. We broke up the trip this time, and spent the night in Norman, OK. Back in the car on the 2nd, and we got home at a reasonable time to a freezing house. We set the thermastat on 55 before we left, but when we turned the heat back up, it wasn't working. Thank you to the repairman who got here and got our house warm again!

I'll write up a better post soon (when I download all of my Christmas pictures) but wanted to let y'all know that we are alive and well!

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Sara said...

We had fun seeing y'all and we already miss you, too!