Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Mysterious Beast

There is a mysterious creature that lives in our house. It has 3 head and 3 bodies, yet is one. The beast? The hiney leopard.

The "hiney leopard" is Megan's creation. One day, she and Kevin were watching the Discovery channel and a show about leopards was on. She noted how it stalked its prey and then pounced. She decided to become one, but instead of taking a big bite out of dad, she would try to sit on his head. This morphed into the hiney leopard game, where the girls (and Owen sometimes, too) try to lure Kevin into the living room and onto the floor. Many times they lay down a quilt so that he'll be comfortable before they begin nature's song and dance of attacker and prey.

Megan and Hannah have a script that they follow pretty much every time they want to play. Two days ago, I saw that she actually wrote down the entire script! It is hilarious! In case you can't read it, it goes as follows...

Megan: Come and lay down dad.
Hannah: We will give you a back mushosh (massage, for those not familiar with the writing style of a 6 1/2 year old).
Megan: And a cookie.
Hannah: And some bere to (beer, too)!
Megan: And you have to lay down to git that stuf (get that stuff).

They are genius! There are very few instances where most men would give up the opportunity to be waited on by pretty girls, offering him a place to lay, a massage, cookies and beer! Why didn't I think of this tactic years ago? "Honey, have some cookies and beer, while I rub your back. You really want to take down our Christmas lights, right?"

Since this usually works, the following scenes play out next. They stalk him:They pounce:
...and then there is usually a free-for-all of jumping on Daddy: Thank God they have decided that this is a Daddy-only game!


jahnsfarm said...

Yes.....some games are just for Daddy and thank goodness! Your girls are mighty creative.....Be sure this one gets in your yearly album.....Years later you all will enjoy the memories!

soccermom10 said...

Hey- Megan and Tyler spell pretty much the same! :)

Karen said...

I love the script!

J. Page said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing and for giving me a good laugh tonight.

Sara said...

That's hilarious! I'm showing this post to Travis...I bet he can't wait to train Elizabeth to get him a beer!

Courtney said...

How funny!

Courtney said...

I'm passing another award onto you! :)

Michelle said...

Super cute! I love that Megan typed out the script!