Thursday, January 8, 2009

Run, Lisa, Run!

For those of you who know our family (especially my sisters and me), you know that we are not exercisers. We don't go to the gym. We don't lift weights. We don't try very hard (although we sure seem to complain about our weight a lot). Imagine my surprise a year ago, when my sister Lisa said that she was going to train to run a marathon. Twenty-Six miles. I thought she was insane. Worse, I thought she'd give up and that there was no way she could do it (I think I got her confused with ME for a minute there). I am proud to say that she has done a phenomenal job in getting ready for the 2009 Walt Disney World Marathon. She has trained and run farther than ever. She's completed 2 half marathons and tons of little 5K runs. I couldn't be more proud!

Sunday is the actual marathon. The day that she (and her friends who have been training with her) have been waiting a year for. I'm not there to cheer her on, but I will be there in spirit (and checking her progress on the internet)! I know you haven't run it yet, Lisa, but I'm still amazed by what you're doing! Run, Lisa, Run!!!

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