Wednesday, March 10, 2010

99 Days...

Inspired by my friend Angela's blog, I thought I'd share our fun news, too! In 99 short days, we'll be heading to sunny, warm, Mexico! Ole! Our friends (Angela & Jarred) bought into a vacation club at a 5-star resort in Playa del Carmen a few years ago. They were able to get us a deal that was almost $1000 cheaper than the price we were quoted by a travel agent (and the deal through them is for 8 days, 7 nights - the travel agent's was only 5 days)!

Our 10th wedding anniversary is in June, and I can't think of a more fun, relaxing place to celebrate than Mexico! We've never gone on vacation with friends before (other than Spring Break in college), so this will be exciting! Our families get along fabulously, so I'm not concerned at all (plus, Kev will have someone to go golfing with, and I won't feel bad for lounging on the beach or by the pool with a fruity cocktail while he's gone).

Now, I'm off to do the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred (yet again). Angela is in GREAT shape, and if I don't want to look like a donut in a bathing suit next to her in 3 short months, I'd better get cracking!


Angela said...

You're a nut! We're going to have so much FUN! I'm seriously considering hanging my swimsuits around the kitchen so that when I'm tempted to eat junk food I'll think twice! LOL! I did spin for the first time since we moved yesterday and oh my.... I forgot how bad it hurts when you first start. Anyway, can't wait -- 3 months!!!

J. Page said...

I just bought the 30 day shred but of course it is still in the plastic...Are you seeing results?? I need to get myself back in maternity swimsuit and pregnancy excuse this summer. Sounds like an awesome trip! Are the kids going too?

Karen said...

I didn't know you already booked it! How exciting!!

Joanne said...

Angela - Leaving the swimsuits around might be a good motivater for me, too! I might try that out! LOL!

Johnna - Not really seeing results yet, but I haven't been doing it very long at all. She does get you good and sore, though!

The kids will be having a fabulous time in Wall while we're in Mexico!

Karen - We just booked it this week! I am so ridiculously excited!