Monday, October 11, 2010

15 Years!

Wow. This weekend was my 15th high school reunion. A bunch of us class of '95ers met up and had a great time! On one hand, it seems like I hadn't seen many of them in ages. On the other, I can remember our time in high school like yesterday (aside from the "fight" that Lori swears her brother got into with Quintin our sophomore year)! Stories were swapped, kids were introduced and a lot of new memories were made!

My BFF Cathy, and Kevin:All of my former classmates who made it for dinner (a few more showed up later in the evening):
Lori and I:We were lucky that my cousin, Sara, and her daughter Elizabeth were able to come home for the weekend, too! I can't remember when we saw them last (Christmas maybe?)! Both of my sisters came out to my mom and dad's, too, and we had a fun day of hanging out and eating yummy food (Sara made a pecan pie, and Lisa brought a s'mores maker). The kids thought that was awesome (and I'll admit to eating a roasted marshmallow or two myself). A sticky, sweet mess, but so much fun!
My nephew Tyler, Megan and my sister, Lisa:

All of the s'more makers:Hannah with a sticky bite:Tyler helps Owen roast a marshmallow:Elizabeth (2 1/2) and Owen (3 1/2):She was wearing the perfect shirt for the occasion, "Napkins are for babies!" So true!


Karen said...

That last picture of Elizabeth is so funny. I think she was licking off marshmallow.

Sara said...

We had a great time! Elizabeth has been talking about playing with everyone. It was nice that everyone was together, too!

soccermom10 said...

That was fun! I think Elizabeth loved the marshmallows....