Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

I put a link to the Bon Jovi/Jennifer Nettles song, because it sums up so much of what I'm feeling! "Who says you can't go home? There's only one place they call me one of their own!" Kevin had to work late on Friday and early on Monday, so the kids and I made a solo trip to my parents' house last weekend. Both of my sisters were around, and 3 of my 4 nephews (well, 4 on that side). I always love being home!

It felt so much like old times! We made homemade ice cream, which we haven't done in many, many years. We used to do it every Sunday in the summer at my grandparents' house. Back then, all they had was an old crank ice cream maker. They would have us little kids take turns sitting on top of the ice cream maker bucket (on top of a million towels to protect our tushies) while the men took turns cranking the ice cream. Then, for our "hard work", they'd let us have the first taste of the ice cream, by scraping off the ribs (the beaters inside). Ahh, memories!
Times have changed a bit, and we now have electric ice cream makers. The intent was still there, though, and it was fabulous! My nephew, Tyler (who is 16) doesn't remember ever having homemade ice cream before, and that made me sad! I think he's a convert, though! We made chocolate, and my cousins, John and Kelli, brought over Big Red ice cream (tastes just like a Big Red float in a bowl)! We decided to make the impromptu gathering feel just like a day from many years ago at my grandparents' house, and also made my grandma's ground meat sandwiches. I even got out the old pickle plate that means so much to me and the table was complete!In keeping with the nostalgia of the weekend, my mom got out a bunch of my old cheerleading uniforms for me to bring home. I don't know what she needs the extra storage space for (seriously, 2 people in a 4 bedroom house, should have at least a little space for the things that I DON'T have space for!) but I brought them home anyway. My best friend, Cathy, was there with her girls, and they all decided to use the uniforms to play dress up. Talk about a blast from the past! I already had 2 uniforms at my house, but now come 4 more! They looked so cute, making up cheers for the Cougars, that we couldn't resist a few pictures!All in all, it was a great trip down memory lane, and it makes me so glad that even though we don't live super close, we're close enough that I can give my kids these kinds of memories that I cherish so much!

This weekend was so much fun! Whoever originally said that "you could never go home again" was mistaken, or they weren't from a place with as much love as I am.


Cecilia said...

Our family had the same homemade ice cream tradition; it was not a family gathering without a bucket of ice cream. And we always sat on the top too - Mom put a pair or two of folded old blue jeans on top of the ice cream bucket and then we sat on top of that. I guess the jeans kept you from getting wet pants. And I'm so glad you put an image of the pickle plate because as soon as you said something about it - I thought well, I have to see this. :) Thanks for the post - it made me want to go home again soon.

Jill said...

I LOVED this post!! I read it the day you posted and didn't get a chance to comment but have intended to come back and comment because I liked it so much. Anyways, like Cecilia made me want to go home too. There are just those wonderful memories that you want to re-live and hope your children cherish too!