Friday, July 2, 2010

Menu Recap

I have been a slacker and haven't posted a "Meal Plan Monday" in several weeks. Rest assured, that doesn't mean that we aren't eating. We are. Most definitely (I could show you my scale, but no one here wants to see that). Since I didn't plan out the week, I thought I'd post an end-week recap as to what we had all week. Nothing too exciting or new (aside from tonight) but yummy all the same.

Monday: Breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs, bacon, garlic toast, fresh fruit

Tuesday: Orange-Sesame Pork with Teriyaki Noodles. I added edamame and broccoli to the noodles, to serve as a catch-all side dish.

Wednesday: Crispy Ranch Chicken, Rice-A-Roni, creamed corn

Thursday: I wasn't feeling well, so Kevin was awesome and took the kids to Mickey D's - all by himself. God bless him!

Friday: The Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs, buttered egg noodles, roasted broccoli. The recipe doesn't take you to her site directly, but to someone else who posted her recipe. I haven't had them yet (they're in the oven) but my mom and sister said they were awesome! My mom has mentioned them several times, so I knew I had to try them myself!

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