Monday, November 17, 2008

My favorite 4-year-old

Today is Hannah's 4th birthday. The day that she leaves being my favorite 3-year-old in the whole world and becomes my favorite 4-year-old (by the time Owen is 3 or 4, she'll be at another stage, just like Meg).

Kevin is still out-of-town, so we didn't do a big birthday party yet. He doesn't want to be left out! Today was a school day for Hannah, and we took cupcakes to her class to celebrate. Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Kathy made the day a lot of fun, tailoring a lot of stuff to the number 4 for her! I don't know what was more fun, though. Sharing our yummy cupcakes with the class, being the "special" one or having Mom watch part of their classtime!

Since my mom, Karen & the boys are still here, we also partied with the family and Janis (our next-door-neighbor, who my kids ADORE)! After supper, Janis came over for more cupcakes and a few gifts.
I can't believe that my sweet Hannah-belle is already 4! She's always been such a little peanut (and still is) that she doesn't seem to change. I guess it doesn't matter, though. She'll always be my sweet little baby girl!


tsjanak1984 said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!! Sorry I didn't get a card in the mail. Hope y'all had a fun day, sure sounds like you did!

Michelle said...

What is that cool Pretty Princess thing? I need Christmas ideas!

Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Hannah! Hope it was fabulous!

And PS... Both Jillie & Lainey have the same sweater from Gap Kids that Meg is wearing!

Joanne said...

Michelle, Pretty Pretty Princess is some kind of board game. It might be a little old for Queenie, but maybe for Riley Grace? It says ages 5+, so I'm not sure if Hannah can play it, either!

Julie, I noticed Lainey wearing that sweater in some of your pictures a few weeks ago! ;-)