Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A blast from the past

I'm not embarrassed to say that my first love was a boy by the name of Joey McIntyre. He was from a little musical group that you might have heard of, New Kids on the Block. I was obsessed with them. Obsessed! My sister, Karen, and I had posters of them (along with my other true love, Kirk Cameron) all over our bedroom. I have been giddy ever since they got back together. I downloaded their new CD on iTunes. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

In browsing around on iTunes today, I found their old, cheese-tastic Christmas album, with such hits as Funky, Funky Xmas and Merry, Merry Christmas, which begins with the lyrics "Peace to the world from the New Kids on the Block, we are here". Genius! I believe the old tape we had was Karen's, so I haven't had a copy of it in over a decade. (Yes, tape. For those of you under 30, that is the antiquated device we used to listen to music before the invention of CDs. On another day, I'll explain how we used to tape hours worth of the radio, on the off-chance that we'd get a song we liked on there.) Since I didn't steal her tape (just like I didn't steal her Mariah Carey Christmas tape, even though she accused me of doing so) I downloaded it and have been laughing nonstop all morning! I feel like I'm back in junior high!
They sure did age well, didn't they. Sigh. I think I still might have a little crush on Joey.


Kara said...

Joey, you are so funny! My sister and I used to tape the radio, too. Why? I don't know. Weird. I used to like Jordan, myself :) I think they look better now than they did back then- then again, those 80's outfits did nothing for them (I can say that now, looking back, but boy did they look good then!!)

Karen said...

Earlier this year Chris packed up and carted off a bunch of my old tapes (including all of my old NKOTB tapes. I did have (and remember) that Christmas tape. All gone now. My fav was Jon. They all look nice and grown up now - definitely better hair!

Hmmm...I wonder if those tapes are still at the Goodwill Store?

soccermom10 said...

Karen- I'm POSITIVE those tapes are still at the and Joey are weird! They were terrible back in the day but I must say that they look HOT now!

Joanne said...

Lisa, okay Miss "Thriller" tape. Don't go knocking on the New Kids. The 80s/early 90s were a strange time for music all around!

Sara said...

Hey! I resent the under 30 comment! :) I remember NKOTB and recording the radio on tape when a song I liked came on!! Travis & I were just reminicing about tapes a few weeks ago when I found all of my old ones. Ooo, I had a lot of John Michael Montgomery on tape...yeah, the 90s were a iffy time for music!