Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was very low-key. For the last 6 weeks, we haven't had an entire weekend at home together (I was gone for my half-marathon, we were at my parents for Spring Break, we visited Kevin's family twice, Kevin had a work trip, I went home for my uncle's funeral, etc.). Because of all this, we decided to just stay at home alone. Of course, this meant that I had to miss out of my mom's Easter cookies (BOO!) and the kids having an egg hunt at my in-laws (double BOO!) but we didn't have to travel anywhere!

My sweet, "save the Earth" girls decided that we needed to recycle our old Easter eggs. When we got their baskets out of the attic, we found a huge bag full of empty plastic eggs. Meg then wrote the Easter Bunny a note, asking him to just fill up however many of them he wanted, rather than give us "new" eggs. So sweet! Of course, the Bunny Man had no problem doing that, and the kids felt like they did something great for the planet!

The kids got way too much stuff (but blessedly, not much candy), including books, a movie each (Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, The Princess Diaries and Gulliver's Travels) and summer t-shirts.
After going through all their loot, it was time to get all gussied up for church.Megan decided that even Mom and Dad needed a picture in the sunshine (truthfully, I think she just likes playing with my fancy camera)!I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Angela Karnei said...

We "recycled" our egges this year too! But it was my idea in our house. I even made a list of how many eggs in each size I left out so we knew if we were missing any what we were looking for! Not sure why I hadn't thought of this earlier! It's genius! ;D

soccermom10 said...

We missed you guys! Don't worry I ate enough cookies for the both of us~

Sara said...

Great pictures! I'm glad y'all enjoyed a nice weekend at home!