Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abundantly Blessed

This weekend was a special one for us. Megan made her First Holy Communion. It's hard for me to believe that she's old enough for this step in our faith, but she has been so excited and really seems to "get" why this is special.

We go to a pretty big church, but her CCE class size is just ridiculous! I know that on years when the kids' make their sacraments, the classes tend to get bigger, but seriously! There were 68 making their 1st Communion this year! 37 made theirs on Saturday night, and 31 made theirs with Megan on Sunday morning. It was a sea of white veils and little ties!

My mother-in-law made Megan's dress (to her strict specifications). Meg knows exactly what she wants, and she isn't shy about telling us when she hates something (bows, anyone?)! Her vision turned out beautifully, though, so I can't really fault her for it!
Making her sacrament:My beautiful girl is all smiles!Her BIG class (and this is only half of them)!We had a big group of grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, cousins, & Godparents who came to be with us on Megan's special day. After Mass, we had a big party and just enjoyed the pretty day and all being together (with lots of food and sweets)!
My attempt at a "lamb" cake (only because my sister kind of put the idea in my head):Megan seemed to like it!A backyard picnic, with family. What could be better?
We love you, baby girl, and are so proud of the young lady that you're becoming!


Sara said...

Oh, I'm so glad you blogged about Megan's day! She was just beautiful in her dress. Congratulations, Megan!

Jill said...

Congratulations! What an exciting day!! She looked beautiful!

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Megan! She looked GORGEOUS! As always...I am super proud of you with the cake!

Cecilia said...

WOW Joanne. Megan looked beautiful and so grown up. What a special day and it looks like you did an amazing job making it even more special! Congratulations!!!