Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meal Plan.....Wednesday?

Ugh. This week has been kicking my booty for some reason! I have been a tiny bit under the weather, Kevin has been working late every night this week (and probably tonight and tomorow, too) and the kids have been crabbier than usual. The meals haven't been exciting, but we have been eating!

Monday: German Beef Rouladen, German fried potatoes - This was so, so, so good! We are big fans of German food to begin with, and this was excellent! You probably have everything in your fridge/freezer already! The only addition I made was putting a splash of vinegar in the gravy, as it was a little bland. In hindsight, I probably should have added another, more nutritious veggie, but I won't lie and say I did when I didn't!

Tuesday: Take-out (Micky D's) for the kids, leftovers for the grown-ups!

Wednesday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches, fruit (don't die from the excitement of this meal!). If I get my cleaning chores done early enough, I might make my Aunt Mary Helen's cream puffs for them.

Thursday: Maryland Crab Cakes, mashed potatoes, corn

Friday: Cornish Game Hens, roasted broccoli, brown butter & balsamic ravioli - My parents, my sister Karen, and her boys will all be coming for the weekend. When I posted that I was going to make this last week, Karen said she had never had them. Well, neither have I, so I decided to save them so we could all try them together! If it doesn't work out, I know how to dial Double Dave's! Ha ha!


Amanda said...

Mmmmm....the beef rouladan sounds so good! We love German food too (or at least I do, and I assume Daniel really likes it too...he eats it when I cook it :))! So I'll have to try that. And did you say you might make cream puffs? I want THAT recipe! Yum!

Joanne said...

I sent it to you on facebook!

Karen said...

Hate to burst your bubble but I don't think we're coming until Saturday now. That's the last I heard from dad anyway.....

SupaMom said...

Thanks for all the yummy menus! I am giving you a mommy award!


Cecilia said...

This past week kicked my butt too. I was battling a cold all week and needless to say, did not cook but just one day this week. We have been eating leftovers and quick meals all week. So I'm impressed that you even posted a menu, much less followed it. :) The German meal looks delicious! I will put that in my 'to try' pile for sure! Hope the weekend of company goes well.