Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Every day, when I go in to get Owen out of bed, he greets me happily. Happily, sans clothes (except for a diaper) and with numerous books, toys, little cars, old cell phones and even his little rug in his bed with him! It's gotten bad. A toy or two wouldn't be so bad, but he's dragging everything that isn't nailed down into bed with him!

The no-clothes thing is another problem. My dear friend Andrea reminded me that boys (of all ages) just like to be n.aked (sorry for the dot in the middle of the word...I don't want weirdos who google "n.aked" to stumble on the blog). Owen's bed time is 7:30. He's usually in bed by 8:00 at the latest. A few nights ago, we heard him playing until almost 9:00. By then, I had been in his room and re-dressed him 3 times. UGH!

Bedrooms are a big topic in our house right now. Hannah is a chatterbug and bothers Megan so much at bedtime that we are splitting them up. With school starting, we can't have Meg staying up so late dealing with her (seriously, she comes out 4 or 5 times during the evening, telling us that Hannah won't let her sleep). I'm sad that we are losing our playroom (Kevin is moving his office into the basement and Megan is taking over his former office as her room) but it's for the best. It's a great time to purge toys anyway! All of the re-arranging and room changes have Hannah in a bit of a funk. Our recent move affected her more than the other kids. She often asks about our house in Iowa and about our Iowa friends, missing them. Seeing Megan's stuff leaving her room has her worried that we're about to move again. We've assured her that we'll be in this house for a good, long while, but I'm not sure she believes us. Given our history, I'm not sure that I blame her!

Summer is coming to a close soon. We have one more vacation to squeeze in before school starts back up (Kevin, my sister Lisa, my sister Karen, my BIL Chris and 2 of his friends are going to Vegas in a week and a half) but then we'll finally be less frantic. I love summer time, don't get me wrong, but I've come to realize that our family needs the structure that the school year provides. Regular school hours, CCE classes at church, MOPS starting back up - I've missed it!


Karen said...

I don't know what to say about Owen dragging stuff in bed with him....other than at least he's not taking his diaper off too!!

When Alex and Zachary see daddy without a shirt on (like when he wakes up in the morning) they think they have to take theirs off too. They want to be just like daddy.

Shalyn said...

We've been fortunate that Ethan likes to sleep in his jammies. He still, though, runs around the house half-naked carrying his shorts and undies after using the bathroom. We have to chase him around to get him to stop and put them on. It's just a boy