Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back in "God's Country"!

We've made several little trips this summer, but last week was one of my favorites! We headed to College Station for Kevin's cousin's wedding (congratulations, Jeremy and Lori)! Being back in Aggieland was great...good food, good people, and great memories! Before we headed out of town, we couldn't wait to take the kids around campus and show them all of the hot spots!

Our first night in town, we couldn't wait to take the kids to Wings-N-More, our favorite college restaurant!
Before the wedding, the kids (and Kevin!) were glad to cool off in the hotel's pool.

Before we left town (after the wedding), we took the kids to campus...

...visited Kyle Field...
...stopped by to see Sully and the Century Tree (where Kevin and I got engaged)...

...and then dodged a squirrel who got a little too friendly (seriously, the Aggies reading this must remember how they can chase you...this one did)! Look at him? He's like "who, me?"

It was the start to a great mini-vacation! Next up, New Braunfels, San Antonio and Sea World!

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J. Page said...

You are raising your children right! Did you take them to the Chicken too?:) I so miss this place!