Friday, June 5, 2009

At least I come by it honest!

I'm a hoarder. I know this about myself. I have a hard time throwing things away that might be useful (or sentimental). This has caused there to be a huge box of stuff from high school still under the bed at my mom and dad's house. To be fair, I come by it honest. My mom is the same way. I'll never forget when my mom and my (now) sister-in-law, Jennifer, were both helping us pack up for a move. My mom wanted to transport things like a quarter of a bottle of ketchup from College Station to Dallas. Jennifer was urging her to throw it away and splurge on a fresh bottle in our new house!

Then, I looked in the back of the drawer in my refrigerator. What do you see?
Can't quite tell what's lurking behind the pie crust and won ton wrappers? Beside the crescent rolls and biscuits? How about a closer look?
That's right. Leftover ketchup packets from Whataburger (what is it with the ketchup? Are the Schneider women afraid that there'll be a tomato shortage soon?) and sauce from Chick-Fil-A! Most sane people would throw the unused packets away when they are done with their fast food meal. Not me! I'm turning into my mother more and more each day!

Watch out for me. It's only a small step from this, to filling my purse with sweet-n-low packets from restaurants!


Michelle said...

Your one drawer has more food than my whole fridge right now. How sad is that?!?!

LisaP said...

I currently have ketchup packets AND nugget sauce from Chik-Fil-A in my refrigerator right next to the taco sauce from Taco Bell. You are not alone. :>)

Val said...

Because what happens when you get home from the drive-thru and realize they gave you no sauce packets?

Karen said...

I do throw out the ketchup but keep sauce from Chick-fil-a & Burger King!