Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swimsuit Shopping

I haven't bought a new swim suit in several years. The last time I did, it was a maternity suit, so you can imagine how outdated my non-maternity suit is (although, truthfully, the maternity suit might still fit). My sister, Karen, lives right by the Guadalupe River, and the kids and I are going to visit on our long weekend (poor Kevin has to work)! It's our nephew, Tyler's, 15th birthday on Sunday, so our whole family is going to celebrate. I keep pondering things like "At what age is it acceptable to start wearing a mumu?"

Since Meg's at school, I loaded up the little ones and we went to Academy to buy swim supplies (life vests, new floaties for the pool, stuff like that). I browsed through the suits, and found one that I liked. That's a big part of the battle right there. Do you want to know what else I did? I bought one off the rack, WITHOUT EVEN TRYING IT ON! It was on sale, it was my size, so I bit the bullet and bought it. And do you know what? It actually fits pretty well! I'm not going to turn any heads, but right now, that's not a bad thing! I was feeling pretty good until I realized that Brandon (my 17-year-old nephew) was going to be bringing his 17-year-old girlfriend with him. Took the wind out of my sails. Sigh. I guess I'll just try not to stand by her for the whole day.


Sara said...

I'm sure you'll look great! I haven't bought (or worn) a swim suit since y'all lived in Lake Dallas, so I wouldn't be standing anywhere near Brandon's girlfriend, either!!

Karen said...

Don't worry. None of us can compete with a 17 year old body anymore.

J. Page said...

This post cracked me up! I am dreading the trip to buy a swimsuit (as always), but I am thinking that at least this year I have a reason to have a big belly (unlike all of the years before:) )
Have a fun weekend and I know you will look great!

Jill said...

Ugh! The dreaded trip to buy the swimsuit....on the bright side, you are in Texas, you are going to the river this weekend, and you don't live in the frigid north at least you have a reason to buy a swimsuit!! Have fun!!!

Cecilia said...

You crack me up Joanne! I am in the same boat. I've worn maternity suits for the past 2 years and before that...well lets just say those don't fit me anymore. :) I just ordered a huge assortment of suits from target. Will try them on at home and pray at least one fits...the rest (maybe all of them) will go back to the store.