Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things that go bump in the night.

Last night, Kevin and Owen spent a fun-filled night in the ER. Our friend (and Kevin's cousin's husband) was working in town yesterday, so he came over for dinner. Since Cody was here, all of the kids were wound up and up past their bedtimes. At about 8:00 (ish) Owen was running circles around our coffee table. He tripped and hit his head on the edge. It swelled up HUGE, immediately. We were a little worried (he had another big lump on his forehead from doing a header off of the baby stroller, into the wall in the playroom) so Kevin took him in. I stayed at home, finishing homework with Megan and getting the girls in bed. After 5 hours in the ER, and a head x-ray, Owen was deemed fine. Good thing he has a hard head like his daddy! ;-)
I have a feeling that it's going to look worse before it gets better, but believe it or not, this is looking better. It's more purple today, but the swelling is much, much less.

The boys didn't get back from the hospital until 1:45 in the morning (and then, typically, I didn't sleep well). Here's hoping that we have a nice long nap this afternoon!


Sara said...

Boys with battle wounds always get the girls, so watch out!! :)

soccermom10 said...

WOW! I hope Owen slept in nice and late this morning!

Courtney said...

Oh, poor little guy!

So glad he is okay!

J. Page said...

Poor Owen! He sure is a cutie- even with that big bump!