Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've forgotten

We aren't novice movers by any means. When Kevin and I first got married, we lived in a little 1 bedroom apartment. After a year, we moved to a small 2 bedroom duplex (still in College Station). That's where Meg was born. After he finished grad school, we moved to Lake Dallas (that's where Hannah was born). We then moved to Abilene (where Owen was born) and then on to West Des Moines (where, thankfully, we had no more children). Why does it seem like I've totally forgotten about how moving is done? I can't imagine h ow to get everything done so quickly! I can't remember how to budget my time to get everything done while Kevin is out-of-town (because, of course, he's already started his new job) and still take care of the kids! Sleep? Who needs it! I'll be running on caffeine for the next month!

Thankfully, we found a great house to move into, in a nice area of Lubbock, close to our awesome friends, the Karnei family (who are probably sick of us following them around the country)! I guess, for better or worse, it will be over with in a month! Our closing date on our new house is March 31!


Stojacks said...

Joanne, that is great to have you back in the Lone Star State. It will nice to get in the car and drive half-way across the state to see family now instead of fly a little bit across the states!!

Glad to hear that you are coming back home. I love the house!!

Shalyn said...

Good luck on the move! Can't wait to see ya'll soon!

Shalyn said...
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Lisa T. said...

Look at that house! There is no snow in the yard!!!! Jeff