Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Birthday Boy

No, it's not my husband or my son. The big birthday in the house today was Spencer, our dog!

We've had other dogs, but I've never had one whose birthday I ever remembered! I guess when it's also a national holiday, that helps! On Valentine's Day, Spencer turned 8 years old. I remember telling Kevin, not too long after we got married (when our dog, Bailey, had to go live on my in-laws farm because she ate our kitchen tiles), that I wanted either a baby or a puppy. The puppy won out (but it wasn't long after when I found myself pregnant with Meg). We searched and searched for the right kind of dog for our family. After being told wrong information about our last dog (who got twice as big as they told us she would) we decided to get a pure-blood dog so we could be pretty sure of their temperament and size. The West Highland White Terrier (Westie) won out. It doesn't hurt that they are adorable, too! Spencer is a mess sometimes, but he is definitely a part of the family. He loves (and puts up with a lot from) the kids, and they love him. "Dog" has been one of the first words from each of them. I never thought of myself as an animal person before he joined our family, and I'm still not sure that I am. I am, however, a Spencer person! Happy birthday, sweet puppy!

I hope y'all all had a nice Valentine's Day! We don't typically do much to celebrate the day. Maybe a card. I was super surprised when I got a huge bunch of tulips (my favorites!) delivered on the 13th! I totally wasn't expecting it! Trust me, they're gorgeous (since I'm not on my own computer, I can't upload the pictures). I made a special dinner for the family (steak, bacon wrapped scallops, rice pilaf & garlic roasted broccoli - YUM) and we just hung out together. Maybe not the most romantic of days, but I was with all of the people who I love the most, and I'll take that any day!


Lisa T. said...

Does that dog still need to meet Tony Llama? jeff

Joanne said...

NOOOO! Well, sometimes...he just gets so excited!