Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My new favorite blog

When I find new blogs, I tend to compulsively read the whole thing, so that I haven't missed anything, and then wait and wait and wait for each new entry. Not with this one.

I followed the link from my friend, Michelle's, blog, and I can't get enough! It's called Do They Have Salsa in China? It follows a California family that has twin girls adopted from China. I started out reading it because adoption is near and dear to my heart (2 of my nephews are adopted from Russia and 2 of my cousins have adopted from China). I thought it would be a typical "adoption story" blog, which would make me cry with each entry and be ready to fly overseas to adopt a child, but this one is different! It's partly about their lives, partly about food, and partly shows off the amazing crafts that they do together.

With all this cool stuff, do you know what excites me the most? The amazing photographs! Wow! I wonder if the mom is a photographer or something! The colors and composition are amazing! It makes me want to dress the kids up in colorful, crazy outfits, find something green outside and park them in front of it while I click away! Just gorgeous! Because I'm so in awe of the pictures, I'm taking my time with this blog, reading leasurily when I have the time.

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