Monday, November 1, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Beef with Snow Peas, Rice - Another Pioneer Woman recipe (what did I do before her?). The picture alone has my mouth watering!

Tuesday: Garlic Chicken, Roasted Asparagus, Pan Fried Potatoes

Wednesday: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

Thursday: Broccoli Cheese Soup - I have a recipe from a friend, and can't wait to try it! I've heard great things about her soup!

Friday: ??? - My in-laws are coming, so I'm not sure if we'll go out, or if I'll have to plan on something. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...


Kara said...

I made the PW beef with snow peas for dinner last night..except I used broccoli. So good!! I also put some garlic in the sauce and my husband says it's his new favorite :)

Lisa Mae said...

thanks for always posting ur meal time monday. i don't always comment but i use ur recipe ideas a lot. tonight it is garlic chicken.

Joanne said...

Hope you liked it, Lisa! It's pretty tasty! We actually didn't have it last week (can't remember what we eneded up having instead!) so I'm planning on it for either tomorrow or Thursday!

Lisa Mae said...

Ok, when u buy chicken what kind do you buy (fresh, frozen)? I always have the worst luck with chicken!!! i don't mind it so much but jeff is picky when it comes to chicken! another question...on the coating what is the secret to get it to stick? It was good on top but on the bottom of the chicken it was soggy.

Joanne said...

I normally buy a big bag of frozen breasts (boneless, skinless, so I have less to mess with). With the coating, the only way that I can get it crispy on both sides is to turn the chicken over half-way through baking. That way, the bottom gets rotated to the top and can crisp up.

Hope that helps a little!