Monday, February 15, 2010


February 14 is so much more than Valentine's Day in our house. It's also our puppy, Spencer's, birthday! I had intended to make a cookie cake for the kids in honor of V-Day. Once it was cooked, they decided that it needed to be decorated as a birthday cake for Spencer instead (although, being chocolate and all, he couldn't eat it)!

Nine years ago, I told Kevin that I either wanted to have a baby, or get a puppy. He jumped on the puppy bandwagon! We researched dogs, and fell in love with the West Highland White Terrier (better known as Westie). We found a breeder who lived outside of Hearne (we were living in College Station at the time, so it was close). She had a litter born on Valentine's Day, and we fell in love with the pups! I have no idea which one is our doggie, but here he is with his brothers and sisters at only a few weeks old. When they were 8 weeks, we got to bring him home and have loved having him! I've never considered myself a dog person, but I am a Spencer person (if that makes sense). When I gave that "ultimatum" to Kevin, I didn't expect to get pregnant within 2 months of bringing our puppy home, but that's how it played out. He's been in our family from the beginning, and he truly loves the kids (and they adore him)!

Happy 9th birthday, Spencer! You might stink from time to time, but you're a special part of the family!


Angela Karnei said...

WE LOVE SPENCER!!! Happy Birthday from the Karnei's!

Karen said...

Funny, a baby or a puppy....Wasn't Megan born only one year later? The puppy plan didn't really work too well!

Joanne said...

Yep! Megan is 1 year and about 2 weeks younger than Spence. We got him when he was 8 weeks old, and 2 months after that, I was pregnant! Funny how things happen! :-)